While magnets would stick when opposites attract, the law of attraction corresponds to how we attract all things that we focus on in our lives. Our aspirations, specifically, the law of attraction enables us to turn whatever is in our thoughts into reality and with this, vision boards become one of the most powerful tools that one may use toward success.


“Our attitudes and beliefs create a magnet to attract events, circumstances and opportunities to live out those attitudes and beliefs.” – Law of Attraction

Vision boards – may it be small or large ones, compile pictures of what you’ve always wanted to achieve in life. Regardless of one’s age of beliefs, these boards serve as a guide to turning these dreams into reality as these would give you a clear picture of all the things that matter to you and above all, where you would want to see in the future.

Why you need to create your vision board?



As the new year begins, people usually get excited about their list of resolutions, which most of the time, stays written as the year ends. But with a vision board, you are able to set a new goal and even create an inspiration of how you are to follow through your goals by visualizing them through cut-out pictures. According to a survey, “business owners who take time to visualize their company are more successful and more likely to reach their goals than those who don’t”. That being said, seeing specific details of how you would picture out your goal to be would allow you to layout your present toward your future success.



Drawing out your future requires full comprehension from you. When you start creating your vision board, you have to know that you are in full control of how you envision yourself to be. Creativity matters as you try to draw how you would wish to trace the path of your success. With this, you start by asking yourself, how will my life look like in the near future? Then you conceptualize it with mapping your way to it. For instance, a simple goal maybe losing weight but how you accomplish it would depend on how much discipline you put on yourself with the food you eat or the activities you do. So prepping up for it, you visualize the cleaner and healthier meals you are to take and the routines you may do.


impossible things are possible

When you scan for photos to place on your boards, you begin to ask yourself, “is this even possible for me?”. That then opens your way to success as you begin to realize that life does start at the end of your comfort zone. You’ll eventually realize that as you do your vision board, you begin to change your mindset from “this is impossible” to “This will happen to me”.



Your mind may be overwhelmed with bright ideas and visions of you embracing success and the next thing you know, you mind is all messed up. Your vision boards are your way of organizing your ideas and even knowing your real priorities in life.

New Year, New You

new year, new you

There are many ways you can chase for your dreams. And the new year usually signals another chapter of your life with a clean slate. While you can create your endless list of resolutions, the best and most effective way to accomplish these goals is to take your time to reflect on what really matters to you and clearing your vision by placing all these together in a board. Once done with your vision boards, hang in this your room and check on it every morning to be guided on where you are heading to. New year, new you? Cliche as it seems, but how does saying, “New Year, my year” sound to you? Claim this year by starting it right with your vision boards.


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