Many people think that leaders are born. But truth is, anyone can be or be made a leader. And this all depends on you and how you channel your inner leader. But what does it really take to be a leader?

People have set skills and qualities of a good chief. But there’s actually more considerations for someone to be called a leader. Above all, aspire and inspire – Every leader starts with having aspirations. One aspires to become better and to do good to his community by doing rightful actions and turning his visions into reality. From there, he inspires others.

What is a Leader?


By definition, a leader may be referred to as someone who governs a group, someone who is superior. But beyond that definition lies the understanding that a true leader is someone who guides a group or a community to a better direction. To become one, you must know the value of true service because that is what most leaders live for.  

And as mentioned above, some leaders are made. That is what Dare 2 Dream Leaders Inc. move for. We envision to shape the youth to becoming future dynamic leaders. Beginning the journey from a very young age makes it easier for us to hone the right models with exemplary leadership skills, experiences and characteristics. And thus be called, catalysts of change.

How Do You Become A Leader?

Three things you’d like to place in mind to unleash the leader in you;

Passionate Leader

Understand your Passion. First, ask yourself. What do you love to do that makes you feel fulfilled? What is something that does not feel like work for you whenever you do it? Understanding your passion helps you in recognizing your long-term goals. And if you find that being able to guide your colleagues towards success or peaceably standing for the rights of those who could have been victims of discrimination makes you the happiest, then you’d probably understand how you might fit in becoming one.


Persevere. The things you want to achieve may not happen on your very first try. But a leader does not stop when he fails. In fact, he becomes more ambitious and even takes initiative to learn and do better. This is also one of the qualities of a great role model.


Train. A leader never stops learning. In fact, one is an active participant of workshops, volunteer opportunities, mentoring and a lot more. This way, you are able to discover more of yourself – those skills which you think you may not have. For example, entrepreneurship.

But above all, to be a chief, you must become an individual ready to commit to contributing all his efforts towards the goodwill of a certain community. Be someone who understands truly his purpose being placed in such position. To start with, there are many organizations running programs such as Dare 2 Dream Leaders Youth Advisory Board for you to join.