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Back 2 School Back Pack Drive

We are hosting our 1st Back Pack Drive! I remember being excited to shop for my new back pack so I could be ready for the 1st day of school.  This year we want to give 100 back packs and supplies to 100 school age kids on August 27th.

Help us reach our goal by donating to our cause or gifting us back packs and supplies. Click flyer to view our supply list. We will pick up in the New York City area.  

For pick up send email to and include “back 2 School” in subject.

To make a fiscal donation so we may purchase items, visit


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Thank you!


On behalf of Dare 2 Dream Leaders Inc., and our Youth Advisory Board, we would like to thank all of our supporters, sponsors, donors, friends, family and community partners for contributing to our organization in 2016.  We are excited for what we have to come in 2017.  Our team is working hard to put forth new programs, products and events in 2017.  We are looking forward to creating more partnerships, more collaborations, and raising more funds so we can grow and expand. If you are not already on our mailing list, feel free to send us an email request via our contact us page, we would love to hear from you!

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Dining To Donate with Dare 2 Dream at Applebee’s

Have dinner with Dare 2 Dream Leaders Inc., on Thursday, September 22, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. at Applebee’s for our after work Dining to Donate fundraiser. Applebee’s will donate 10% of your bill to our organization. Funding received from this fundraiser will be used for our free or low cost Youth Empowerment Programs.


Can’t make it, but you would like to make a taxable donation. Click the PayPal button below.

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Youth Summit 2016 Update

On June 5, 2016, Dare 2 Dream Leaders Inc., hosted it’s 4th Annual Youth Summit “Road 2 Success: Young & Wealthy” at St Francis College in Brooklyn, N.Y. Over 125 individuals registered and attended our event. The day started off with so much energy when Singer/Songwriter and Founder of FYREZONE, Bud Ramsey performed an original song.  Our event was hosted by Brooklyn’s finest “Shice Da Voice of Brooklyn”.  He had everyone out of their seats, dancing, singing and laughing. Opening remarks came from Candice Julien, a representative of Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams office.  She welcomed our youth with a powerful message to empower them to dream big.
Our Road 2 Success panel was a hit as we expected it to be.  The panel included various entrepreneurs, each with a unique story to share. Panelists included (from left to right) Keisha Dutes, Radio host and producer of TK N The AM; Shereen Campbell; CEO of My Little Magic Shop; Jasmine Briggs, Career Coach; Tanille Edwards, Singer/Songwriter and Author; Brigid Turner, Writer & Actress; Lucas Mendieta, CEO of Elite and  Ryan Espinosa, CEO of Spiire.
Founder of Dare 2 Dream Leaders Inc., Ijana Nathaniel, Rapper Lil Cease and Tyieast Lloyd Dare 2 Dream Leaders Inc. Treasurer and Lil Cease sister.
Our Keynote speaker for the day, LaToya Rose, the Wealth Connector, came all the way from Virginia to motivate and inspire the youth at our summit and she did not disappoint.
Jasmine Briggs, Career Coach leading her Career Planning workshop.  Youth created collages that expressed their passions, goals and strengths.
Ryan Espinosa, CEO of Spiire led a workshop called “Creating Your Personal Foundation for Success”. During this workshop youth were provided some everyday simple tools and techniques to help them create a personal foundation for their success.
Shakea Bobb, one of the 1st Dare 2 Dream Leaders Inc. students returned to speak about how our organization has played a part in shaping the young confident woman she is today.  Shakea came to Dare 2 Dream Leaders Inc. in 6th grade and is now a sophomore at Urban Assembly School fo Law and Justice. Her goal is to be a US Marshall.

Special thanks to all of our event sponsors including the Brooklyn Nets, Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC), Tanille Edwards, Author of Broken, Materials For the Arts, Shice Da Voice of Brooklyn, DJ Epic and My Little Magic Shop.
I would like to recognize all of the organizations and schools that were represented at our summit. The following schools and organizations participated in our summit: Dept of Education, Eagle Academy for Young Men, Eastern Consolidated, Ebbetts Field Middle School, Explore Charter School, FDR  High School, Fordham Arts, Genesis, Grover Cleveland High School, Grad IBEW 827,  Institute of Health Professions, IS 27  SI N.Y., IS 381, IS K490, James Madison HS, Kings Collegiate Charter School,  Leon Goldstein H.S., Lexington School For the Deaf, Life Academy For Film & Music, Live City NYC, Man Up Inc., Mott Hall Science and Technology, My Passport Purpose, New Settlement, Penn Foster Port Richmond H.S., PS 110, PS 178, PS 45, PTECH, Science Skills  Center High School, Secondary School for Law, St Kevin Catholic Academy, SUNY Geneseo, The Daniel Society, The Lawrenceville School, Trans Perfect, Trey  Whitfield, ULUE Clothing , ULUE University, United Federation of Teachers, Up Rising Starts, Vacation and Fun World Travels, NYPD Explorers, and the YWCA Brooklyn.
Lastly, I would like to thank my Board of Directors, Raina Whitfield, Tyieast Lloyd and Frances Clifford, our Youth Summit Committee Oliver Pavick, Catherine Catherine Gichenje and Danisa Perez-Alverado, Dare 2 Dream Leaders Inc. Youth Ambassador Shakea Bobb, and all of the volunteers who helped plan and execute an event that we will remember for years to come. Our event was a success because of you!

About Dare 2 Dream Leaders Inc.:

Dare 2 Dream Leaders, Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit youth organization making an impact on the Brooklyn Community by providing free empowerment programs to at risk youth in a safe learning environment for youth to learn and grow.  Our mission is to empower our youth by providing education, skills and resources that will help build them into future dynamic leaders who are socially and economically independent. D2DL provides educational workshops in topics that include creative arts, financial literacy, etiquette, entrepreneurship and community service.


Youth Summit Feedback Survey

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You Are Invited!

On Sunday, June 5th from 12 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. Dare 2 Dream Leaders Inc. will host its 4th Annual Youth Summit at St. Francis College, located at 180 Remsen Street, Brooklyn, NY. This event is FREE and open to youth in the 8th – 12th grade. Click here to register. Here’s a direct invitation from the Founder, Ijana Nathaniel

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Future Archery Olympian Daring 2 Dream


The very premise of our organization is to empower youth to know that anything is possible when you take action and work hard to make your dreams come true. In January 2015, Dare 2 Dream Leaders Inc., partnered with a Brooklyn Girl Scout Troop to help their girls ages 9-15 earn badges for Financial Literacy and Career Etiquette. During our workshops we met Waverly Johnson, an 11 year old aspiring archery Olympian. She is using her love for archery to help her reach her goals. Watch and be inspired.

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Growing your resume by being of service

llove grow serve

There is a saying that goes, it is better to give than to receive. This is a biblical quote that sums up what it means to be of service. In this blog I want to discuss the importance of being of service and how it could help your child, student or even anyone build and grow their resume. First, I would like to share my story of how I landed my first job as a teenager and how I ended up growing my career from volunteering and helping someone.

I was only fifteen years old when I started going to visit a friend of mine who worked at what I thought was regular office building. I used to go to her office every day after school just to say hello. One day, she asked me to help her with some of her work. She had me making phone calls, organizing files and stuffing envelopes (fun right)…lol. I did this for about six months. Then…one day, she came to me and said “there is a summer camp located in the building and that they were looking to hire summer camp counselors, are you interested?” I told her that I had no idea that there was a summer camp in the building and yes I am interested. She was able to get me an interview and long story short, I got the job. I ended up moving up in the company being promoted to other jobs throughout the organization over the next sixteen years.

How was I able to find such a great opportunity at such a young age? I did eight key things that can be duplicated by anyone reading this, especially youth looking to build their resume and gain new skills that will make them attractive and marketable in the career world. Today I will share three my top three.

One: Be of service. Think about people you know who have jobs and ask if they need help. If you do not know anyone, that is fine. There are plenty of organizations who could use volunteers. To begin, search for organizations on websites such as where they list various volunteer opportunities and select one that is a great fit for you.

Two: Treat your volunteer opportunity like a paying job. Yes, this opportunity is not something you are going to be paid for. However, in the end, it is a great possibility that the organization could hire you. With this in mind, treat this as if you are a paid employee. Be professional, show up on time and lastly, be the best volunteer they ever had by over delivering. What does this mean? This could mean showing up earlier, staying late, or asking for additional job duties if you know you can successfully do them within your regular job duties. These things will assure that the organization you are volunteering for will remember you and think of you if and when a paid opportunity comes available.

Three: Be intentional. What I mean by this is that you should not volunteer with an organization with the expectation of them offering you a paid position. When you volunteer, do it because you truly want to and you are interested in helping the organization. If you do it just for a reward, that will show through your work. When you are intentional, you will go above and beyond because it is something you want to do. Others will see this and you will be rewarded. Your reward will come in various ways. One reward will be the added skills and knowledge gained from the volunteer experience. These additional skills will be of use for future volunteer or job opportunities. Most importantly, you will now be able to build or grow your resume which will allow you to apply for employment or other volunteer opportunities. Getting hired would be the icing on the cake.

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Dare 2 Dream Teams Up With Brooklyn Girls Scouts…

Girls Scouts2015-03-21 14.18.13

Dare 2 Dream Leaders Inc. (D2DL) teams up with a Girls Scout troop in Brooklyn to help each scout earn a Career Etiquette and Financial Literacy badge.


On January 24, 2015, D2DL facilitated the first of four workshops at St. Francis College located Downtown Brooklyn.  We introduced the young girls ages 9-13 about setting financial goals, creating budgets, what is a side hustle, the importance of saving and how to create a vision board.  As a bonus we also had the pleasure of sharing this information with their parents who stayed for the workshop.  The highlight of the day was learning about the girls.  Learning about their hopes and dreams. We had a host of entrepreneurs in our presence. We even had an archer among us.  Needless to say, we had a phenomenal group of leaders in the room!


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3rd Annual Youth Summit @ St. Francis College

On June 8, 2014, Dare 2 Dream Leaders, Inc. hosted it’s 3rd Annual Youth Summit at St. Francis College for both middle and high school students.  This year our event was sponsored by the Arbonne Charity Foundation.  Our event was packed with activities geared to educate and inspire each participant.

Founder, Ijana Nathaniel

Founder, Ijana Nathaniel

We kicked off the event with special guest Sharon Clarke, Candidate for Civil Court Judge. She welcomed our guests and inspired them with a powerful opening speech with positive and motivating quotes to remember, daring them to continue to Dream Big!IMG_2304

Our Road 2 Success youth panel, which was moderated by our very own Board Member Francis Clifford consisted 6 students ages 11-21. These dynamic youth shared their experiences on how having a mentor inspired them to want to succeed now and in the future.

Road 2 Success Panelists & Moderator Fran Clifford, D2DL Board Member
The afternoon was filled with career mentoring workshops featuring Filmmaker (Brigid Turner), Youth Leader (Omari Haughton), Vice President of Public Affairs at Brookdale Hospital (Khari Edwards) and VP Arbonne Consultant/D2DL Board Member (Leah Wagner). Parents even enjoyed a Financial Empowerment workshop which was led by Earlene Greene of Faith Walk Enterprises. Everyone had a chance to participate in an interactive Creative Arts Improv workshop lead by Leah and her Theater partner Max.

Keynote Speaker, Dawn J. Fraser

Keynote Speaker, Dawn J. Fraser


Fyrezone youth performing an original dance and song.

We closed the event with a high energy musical and dance performance by Fyrezone youth, Hip Hop Artist D-Rell, Poetry by Datrooth and the awesome and amazing keynote speaker Dawn J. Fraser who was the perfect fit for our summit. We set out to inspire our participants and I believe that is what we did! Can’t wait until 2015 to do it all over again!

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