Entrepreneurship does not have an age requirement. In fact, there’s this six-year-old girl who was already able to run her very own jewelry business even at a very young age. Alyssa Casimir,  Founder and CEO of Alyssa’s Jewelry Box is a great example of youth inspiring other young entrepreneurs and showing them that there are ways for them to make ends meet if you put your mind and heart to the things you do.

You probably would hear arguments about an entrepreneur and a small business owner as there are lots of it everywhere! But remember, starting small would most likely result in bigger ventures in the future. And that is why starting young is also an advantage for someone who looks forward to becoming successful.

Young Entrepreneurs: Why Entrepreneurship?


“Entrepreneurship is a viable option for a bright future”, says Ijana Nathaniel who is an author, entrepreneur and founder of Dare 2 Dream Leaders Inc.

It can be one’s wealth generator as having a business can help you a lot with reaching your financial goals. In addition, entrepreneurship allows you to create opportunities with its flexibility to create and expand. Lastly, this does not only benefit you as an individual but also, it can create a bigger impact on society with existing advocacies drawn from your businesses.

Small Business Ideas for Young Entrepreneurs


Young individuals possess an advantage when deciding to venture into small business. These people are passionate and dreamy — they have so many creative ideas in their heads and once these ideas are given attention to, it becomes their drive to leading themselves into bigger opportunities.

Sell your craft.


If you are passionate about arts and crafts, then you could make money out of it! Whether you love designing jewelry, redesigning & styling clothes, or doing sketches and paint artworks, Etsy can be a nest and inspiration for you to master your craft and sell these online!

Social Media Management.


Young individuals have a serious advantage over many adults. This is because you grew up in the age where technology and the internet are the most convenient. Your familiarity with these things is much needed by other businesses – big or small. Books and websites are everywhere! The information about social networking is almost always available and all you need to do is to use these resources to extremity. Then, you can start applying your learning by creating your own page, growing your network, blogging, managing pages and accepting getting into websites with virtual jobs available to market your service. For example, UpWork.

Be a Tutor.


So you do good academically. You excel in certain subjects and you noticed that there are other students who may be struggling with having to understand certain lessons. As an aspiring entrepreneur, you see this as an opportunity to be of help and at the same time, to make a profit out of it. Offer assistance to other students and start your own tutoring business. But be sure not to leave your academics behind while you’re helping others!

Pet Care.


If you love pets and you are equipped with grooming and care skills, then make a business out of it! Post out flyers informing everyone how good of a pet owner are you and enlist services that you can do for other pet owners who may be too busy to walk their dogs or groom them.  That way, you get to earn money from dealing with these cute and fun creatures.

“I’m too young. I don’t think I can do it”


It’s never easy to start a business. In fact, it’s a great risk especially without being guaranteed success. But it is a beneficial risk — you start a business and it booms, you become successful or you start a business and it fails, you learn from the experience and it becomes an opportunity for you to do better — a fair trade, I must say.