With the digital age today, Dare 2 Dream Leaders Inc. would want to take learning to a step further by launching our Online Academy with different online course videos designed to realize our dream of promoting knowledge anchored to our five pillars of success.

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Beyond Career Day: A Success Guide for Middle School Youth Online Course

Beyond Career Day is a book written by Ijana Nathaniel and is designed to prepare the youth for career day and beyond. This serves as a guide of a young individual’s career path and what they should do to reach the peak of their success. For those who enroll for this course, they shall get an in-depth knowledge of the following chapters: 

The beauty of your dream is that, it is possible. For this chapter, you are to rethink about yourself and the things that you love in order to create goals that drive you toward success. 

When asked to describe yourself, would you know what to say? This chapter teaches you more about yourself. This includes learning your struggles, support, fears and all that helps you move on to your success.

The word ‘Career Etiquette’ may not be clear to you. In this chapter, you are to learn the proper ways of preparing yourself for a job, a job interview, and all other first few steps to your successful career, including job interviews and resume writing.

Did you know that there is actually an entrepreneur in all of us? No matter what age, you can already start making your own money by understanding this course!

Money does not grow on trees. But it does grow with your knowledge on finances and on handling these. In this chapter, you will learn more about income, expenses credit, budgeting and saving.

Service is a big word. But this brings a lot of purpose into someone’s life. In this chapter, you will be taken to the world of community service. Get advices from Ijana and know how you can give back to your community and be a true winner in life. 

We are to end the course with our bonus chapter on Affirmations. These are things that will help you get through life at all times, no matter how hard the struggle is. 

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