A Leadership training nurtures every individual’s skills and capabilities to become effective leaders, managers or even breadwinners. Long-term success is inevitable
for a young person to join leadership workshops. These workshops help develop specific skill sets that fully prepare him up in handling future endeavors effectively. This is through making better decisions and developing a sense of purpose.

Are leaders born or made?

Leadership Workshops - Dare 2 Dream Leaders Inc.

Our history has many stories of great men and leadership. Different leadership theories such as the Great man theory of Thomas Carlyle and Francis Galton’s Trait has evolved. These theories emphasize that one’s leadership skills could be inherited from our ancestral heroes. Thus, most of us believes that there are people we can call as natural-born leaders.

But behavioral theories debate that leadership is a lifetime learning activity. Through different training, teaching, workshops and observation, we are able to hone and nurture leaders, even those without traces of heroic or leadership genes.

Are leaders born or made? No, leaders are both born and made. It’s an art we all have to appreciate. Leadership hones a set of innate traits, refined through a series of exposure to learning, training and wholesome experiences.

What benefits can you get from Youth Leadership Workshops?

Benefits of Youth Leadership Workshops - Dare 2 Dream leaders inc.

With a strong yearning to learn and big dreams to fulfill, there is surely  hope for every youth despite all the challenges and struggles we are facing in our communities today.  Through youth leadership workshops, we provide these young individuals a systematic way of developing a skill set that will enable them to become ready for their future challenges and even become future dynamic leaders.

Leadership workshops are a fun and memorable learning experience for young individuals. Some activities include mock-up activities of different situations that a day-to-day scenario may apply. Others have games that would help develop their thinking, managing and team-gaming skills, vision boarding, community service activities, camping and many more.

Joining these leadership workshops carries a lot of benefits  for the youth such as:

Building Confidence and Wisdom

Building self-confidence and wisdom - Dare 2 Dream Leaders Inc.

All leadership training provides essential activities that help one develop their sense of wisdom. This is through learning to analyze challenging situations and eventually find a way to overcome these challenges. In some way, this also helps build one’s self-confidence, making one feel that he or she is ready for any future challenge.

Expanding social connections

Expanding Social connections - Dare 2 Dream Leaders Inc.

Leadership workshops enables one to socialize not only with people of the same age but with various generations. One expands his networks which can be beneficial for them as they can add these people as future character references when applying for a job.

Seeing the real world through community service

Community service - Dare 2 Dream Leaders Inc.

There are youth leadership workshops that would require the youth to join community service activities such as food meal preparation for the homeless, community cleaning, providing clothes to the homeless, and more. Through this, young individuals begin to see the real world and eventually learn how to empathize with the other community members.

Learning new strategies and techniques

Learning new strategies and techniques - Dare 2 Dream Leaders Inc.

Through the different activities prepared in leadership training activities such as the different challenging games, young individuals begin to be analytical. Thus, resulting to learning strategies and techniques in resolving certain issues and challenges.

Developing of communication skills

Developing communication skills - Dare 2 Dream Leaders Inc.

Leaders are voices of the community. These people are those that can speak in behalf of others. Through joining youth leadership workshops, our young individuals learn to socialize, make connections and speak with their team and colleagues despite the difference in races, ages, and beliefs. They become better communicator. This is because they do not only learn to speak for others. They also learn how to become effective listeners of their members.

Leadership Workshops: Shaping Future Dynamic Leaders

Leadership workshops - Shaping Future Dynamic Leaders

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said that, “The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.” Thus, these leadership workshops are nothing but great seeds that later reap future dynamic leaders.  

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