Every day, we get to gain various knowledge from school subjects to life, living and opportunities. While our schools are able to provide us with a good education, other organizations are also doing their efforts in promoting education by offering different courses that are beyond the school’s curriculum. And with innovation and advanced technology, learning has become available virtually! 

In fact, in 2017, a growth of 6.59% has been recorded in the number of student online enrollments for some courses from Nonprofit institutions. 

No, there should not be a debate about which is more effective between online and in-person learning because both have the same goals and are extending its best efforts to promote education. Learning is a continuous process and over time, various options can be developed just like online courses which have now become a trend. 

Why consider an Online Course? 

Online courses provide extended learning through a directed learning process that comprises information, communication and assessment. 

Here are few of the many benefits Online Course: 

  1. Personal Development. Online courses offered by some private nonprofit institutions are closely related to their causes. Most of the time, these courses are beneficial for one’s personal development. These could offer career advancement and even provide guidance toward one’s success through creating more opportunities for them. 
  2. Flexibility. Learning virtually gives you flexibility in time and environment. This means you can learn anytime and anywhere. You can save the learning until your best availability!
  3. Sense of Responsibility and Accountability. Learning through an online environment gives you a lot of freedom. So you can do whatever you want, whenever you’re free and however you want to do it. Thus, it encourages you to be more responsible and be accountable for your actions and decisions. 
  4. Networking. Through an online course, you are able to meet or work with students worldwide. This gives you the opportunity to network with different types of people from different cultures, races, environments, among others. 
  5. Documentation. Enrolling for an online course gives you access to every learning material available for such a course. You get to document all your learning and not miss any important knowledge!

Online Leadership Academy: Beyond Career Day

With the digital age today, we would want to take learning to a step further by launching our Online Academy . Our courses are designed to realize our dream of promoting knowledge anchored to our five pillars of success. These are Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy, Career Etiquette, Community Service and Creative Arts. 

This November 2019, we present to you our Online Leadership Academy, through our very first course, Beyond Career Day.

Beyond Career Day is a book written by Ijana Nathaniel. This was designed to prepare the youth for career day and beyond. The book serves as a guide of a young individual’s career path to success.

Through our online course, we will allow the students to design the life they want. They can create their own dream boards. IN addition, they will discover more about themselves, learn about resume writing and job interviews. They will also see big opportunities by realizing the entrepreneurs within them and learning about financial literacy. Lastly, they get to understand the value of winning by learning more about community service.

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